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Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass or glass wool is an insulating material made from fibers of glass intertwined and arranged into a texture that is similar to wool. This process “packages” many small pockets of air between the glass, and these small air pockets result in high thermal insulation properties. Fiberglass is produced in rolls, in slabs, or as a loose fill material that can be blown into attics and inside walls, and other hard-to-reach areas. Different densities have different thermal and mechanical properties and applications. Fiberglass has the added benefit of providing sound insulation.

The application of fiberglass insulation is key, since using the wrong format in one area (for example, using loose fill material when a slab is what is needed), or using the correct format in the wrong way on another can decrease greatly its effectiveness (for example, compressing the material or leaving gaps between one section of insulation and another). At EcoEnergy Conservation Group, our technicians are not only well-versed on what format of fiberglass needs to be used on each particular application, but also highly experienced in the correct way to install the insulation. At ECG we want to make sure that your insulation investment will go a long way!

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